Trentino: Pojer e Sandri


Vineyard/Varietal: 25h – all planted on steep, gravity-defying mountain slopes. Personalities: owners and best friends Mario Pojer and Fiorentino Sandri, with help from his ravishing daughter Elisa. No one has demonstrated “sprezzatura” – the art of effortless mastery quite like Pojer & Sandri, especially when it comes to wine and distillates. Both their vineyards and orchards make wines, grappas, and fruit brandies with a clear identity and sense of place….and all under the same roof – unique in Italy. They are always challenging themselves – on the lookout for new ideas to improve quality, including washing grape bunches before pressing in a nitrogen-saturated environment (natural yeasts selected before harvest). Their partnership dates back to 1975 and the labels all feature works from the great 15th C. German artist, Albrecht Durer – he passed through Faedo on his way to Venice.


Chardonnay 2016….. Highly-acclaimed, densely-planted, lovely straw color, intense bouquet, rich, dry, and well-structured.

Muller Thurgau Palai, 2017…..The estate calling card, a hybrid of Kerner and Riesling and the undisputed benchmark for this varietal – a single-vineyard that seems to overlook all of Italy – mineral and complex.

Nosiola, 2014…..Indigenous to the Trentino, this delicate white has surprising acidity, and though considered a summer wine, it has staying power.


Pinot Nero, 2017….. From forty year old vines, on three distinct parcels, this well-regarded light ruby-colored wine is wonderfully generous, full of zesty red fruit flavors.


Muller Thurgau Grappa, NV

Pinot Nero Grappa, NV

Pere Williams Acquavite, NV

Grappa Combo Pack, NV