Pojer e Sandri Spumante

ZERO Infinito 2018 – This sparkling wine is known as “Col Fondo” in Italy: its secondary fermentation takes place mostly in tank before being transferred to the bottle and then deposits a bit of sediment. Zero Infinito is a Vino Frizzante, that is, mildly “fizzy”. The color is straw yellow, and is moderately aromatic – notes reminiscent of elderberry and mountain flowers. Pour the wine carefully off its sediment by decanting, or shake the wine to enjoy the yeasty notes and its old-fashioned rusticity.

Solaris is a new grape variety bred to be disease-resistant, born in Freiburg, Germany in 1975 (the same year of Pojer e Sandri’s founding) it requires no ( Zero) chemical treatments and Zero cellar treatments, hence the name. (12% Alcohol)

Spumante Rosato Brut IGT, NV  – Chardonnay 50% and Pinot Noir 50% – 24 months aging on the lees. Convincing bubbly from high-altitude, bottle-fermented Chardonnay and Pinot Noir – one of the sexiest strawberry-tinged sparklers out there!

Spumante Extra Brut “Cuvee 07/08” IGT  – Two-thirds Chardonnay and one third Pinot Noir – high altitude grapes (between 1700 and 2300ft) bring a vibrancy to this sparkler uncommon in Italy. Aged on its lees for three years, it offers a ripe bouquet with hints of vanilla and toasted almonds – yet no barriques and no dosage – dry and delicious.