Bien Venue

A world In a warm glow of light – luxe, calme, et volupte.

Vines love a view, especially vineyards whose grapes are destined for great wine. This combination of dramatic location, historical lore, and pure drinking pleasure is what sets wine apart.

More than any other agricultural product, wine has an uncanny power to transport us, like on a magic carpet, to the place from which it came. Wine can condense the meaning of its climate straight into the glass.

When you taste a delicious wine, you gain perspective: the play of light on the landscape, the prismatic range of colors, the highlights of the seasons, the shimmering reflections of the elements.

The discovery of a new wine, its flavors and transformative effect, reminds me of a child on Christmas morning. As A.J. Liebling once said, its “effect is generous and calorific, stimulative of celebration and the social instincts.”

Here are the potions of friends I have met along the way – island wines and mountain wines, coastal wines and continental wines – wines, without exception, marked by the people who made them and by the spirit of their place.

As a joint partner in Adrian Chalk Selections, Angels’ Share Wines is the exclusive importer and distributor in NY and NJ, and by extension, so are Angels’ Share South in Florida and Neat Wines in Louisiana.

To my father and to Volnay Santenots – the kind of wine that, as he knew so well, can bring glory to mortal days.
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