Pott Wine

Pott Wine represents the culmination of 25 years of professional wine-making experience. It reflects Pott’s love of wine, not only of tasting but of enjoying it with friends and not being afraid to get a little loopy. Pott Wine is a reflection and an homage to wines that brought tears to one’s eyes; a 1959 Romanée-Conti, a ’47 Château Petrus, a 1971 Aßmannshäusen Hollenberg Spätburgunder, a ’70 Mayacamas, a ’54 BV Georges De Latour. Pott Wine is an historical journey into a forgotten time of Napa Valley wines; a time of balance, elegance and respect of terroir

Working in all of the great appellations of the Napa Valley in the vineyards of friend, Pott is are able to obtain grapes that express the wonderful idiosyncrasy of their place and time. We hope that with Pott Wine we can really show the outer limits of wine from the Napa Valley, putting site and appellation in the forefront and wine-making in the background.


Grown by Aaron on the slopes of his Mt. Veeder ridgetop ranch, Chateauneuf du POTT. Half an acre of ancient fractured sandstone – farmed organically. Whole-cluster pressed, fermented and aged with indigenous yeasts in two Italian terracotta amphorae. The name 20m3, or “Twenty Cubic Meters”, derives from estimated amount of gold on the planet. 80 cases made.


When time comes to assemble the final blends of Pott’s Estate and Single-Vineyard wines, they works towards typicité (exemplifying the terroir), and wines that will marry perfectly together for excellent aging.  Sometimes particular lots aren’t a good fit, they’re not true to the terroir, or they are too intense or too singular. In any case, some lots will be left out.

But this doesn’t mean they are not good wines.  They are, as Claire likes to say, just as ‘classy but not as ‘classical.’  So, after the Single-Vineyard wines and Estate wines are assembled, Pott revisits the portfolio of lots that are left and blend our ‘second’ wine.  It’s “Napa Valley in a bottle”; all the complexity of 33 different soil types, the intensity of the mountain vineyards with the silkiness and the pleasure of the valley floor.  It’s your drink-now, goes–with-everything bottle of great Napa Cab.


Kaliholmanok: red dirt and natural terraces surrounded by trees, an ideal place to make wines of exceptional quality. Located at the highest reaches of Spring Mountain, you can see the Pacific. A Wappo Native American word “naked woods – people friendly”, and now also the name of an ageless, powerful wine. 


Stags’ Leap, Napa’s jewel: perfect exposure and soils, with a breathtaking, towering skyline that’s craggy and indomitable. Actaeon was a hunter who stumbled upon Artemis (Diana) and her nymphs bathing and who was, as a result, turned into a stag. Mountain soils on the valley floor, Stags’ Leap has Napa’s greatest day-night temperature fluctuation – up to 50 degrees (f). This maintains the wine’s acidity and makes it fresh and bright.