Trentino: Pojer e Sandri


25h – all planted on steep, gravity-defying mountain slopes. Owners and best friends Mario Pojer and Fiorentino Sandri, with help from his daughter Elisa and son, Federico.

No one has demonstrated “sprezzatura” – the art of effortless mastery quite like Pojer & Sandri, especially when it comes to wine and distillates. Both their vineyards and orchards make wines, grappas, and fruit brandies with a clear identity and sense of place….and all under the same roof – unique in Italy. They are always challenging themselves – on the lookout for new ideas to improve quality, including washing grape bunches before pressing in a nitrogen- saturated environment (natural yeasts selected before harvest). Their partnership dates back to 1975 and the labels all feature works from the great 15th C. German artist, Albrecht Durer – he passed through Faedo on his way to Venice. The classic wines benefit from his engraving of a bagpipe-player, the sparkling wines have two cavorting farmers, and the reserve line has different watercolor images. Each wine in the “classic” range is made and aged in stainless steel and does not go through malolactic fermentation.

Nosiola IGT

Indigenous to the Trentino, this delicate white has surprising acidity, and though considered a summer wine, it has staying power.

Muller Thurgau Palai IGT

The flagship; one fifth of their production and a hybrid of Kerner and Riesling. Their first vintage was in 1975 and it remains the undisputed benchmark for this varietal – a single-vineyard that seems to overlook all of Italy – mineral and complex.

Chardonnay IGT

Highly-acclaimed, densely-planted, lovely straw color, intense bouquet, rich, dry, and well-structured.

Traminer Aromatico DOC

Bright yellow, ripe and spicy, this Alsace clone Gewurztraminer is a dry and hedonistic blend of flavors and fragrances.

Sauvignon IGT

Delicate fruity tones of peach and apricot (all planted nearby) are fine and not overly aromatic, with crisp acidity and elegant finish the first plantings ever in Trentino.

Vin dei Molini Rosato IGT

A unique and completely dry wine, the only “Rotberger” (cross of Schiava and Riesling) in Italy – it has a coral aspect, delicate red-berry bouquet, and a pleasantly tangy mouthfeel.

Pinot Nero IGT – From forty year old vines, on three distinct parcels, this well-regarded light ruby-colored wine is wonderfully generous, full of zesty red fruit flavors.

Bianco Faye IGT

Aged one year in French oak barrels, of which 50% are new. Blend of Chardonnay 90% and Pinot Bianco 10%, full-bodied, with hints of toasted almonds, mineral and majestic.

Rosso Faye IGT

Aged one year in French oak barrels, 80% new. Low-yielding organically-farmed Cabernet Sauvignon 60%, Franc 15%, Merlot 15%, and Lagrein 10% (for color and youthful zip) – a stellar performance.

Essenzia IGT

Like a Ferrari, this nectar is in a class of its own. Harvested mid-December, the high altitude gives the noble rot balancing acidity – 9.5 % alcohol and120g/l residual sugar. Equal parts Chardonnay, Traminer, Riesling, Kerner, and Sauvignon – a “vino da meditazione” indeed