Pojer e Sandri Distillates

Acquavite di Pere William

The spirit is allowed to rest and develop in stainless steel for about six months. Bottled at 46% alcohol or 92 proof.

Colorless and crystal clear. It emits the aroma of mature pears picked at the right moment. Best served chilled.

Grappa di Pinot Nero

After 6 months of maturation in tank, we carefully reduce the level of alcohol to approximately 48% (or 96 proof).

Among the grappe made from red grapes, Pinot Nero is always the most elegant and refined. Best served chilled.

Grappa di Müller Thurgau

As soon as the fermentation is finished, for the distillation we use a specifically designed alambic pot. The resulting spirit is typically intense, 73% – 78% alcohol. Best served chilled.